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The hillarious life of randomgirl15

I am nothing like lonely girl 15 I didn't even think about it untill later

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There is a lot to say about me. First off I have an awesomely sweet boyfriend that I have known since we were both in daycare! I am known for being random and unpredictable, oh and I like cheesecake. The other things I like are shopping and accessories and umm well Star Wars and Star Trek and other Sci-fi I am currenly Learning Klingon and love it, I like music and I act. I also have Aspergers syndrome and have a lot of freinds who do as well including my boyfriend. I am going to perkins school for the blind this upcoming fall of 2007. I am always adding interests because I keep forgetting to write down things I like until I see other peoples interests. I don't mean to seem like a poser, I just can't always name off all ot the things I like. LONG LIVE MEOW WARS. Meow meow henrietta pussycat meow goodbye meow! LOL Oh and I have 3 kitties and a fish My oldest kitty is Cody. He is a black and white tuxedo cat who is 8 years old and very affectionate. I also have an almost 1 year old kitty named Mr. Skipper Jenkins he was named by my brothers. He is an orange tabby kitty. Then I have my pride and joy, the 3 month old girl kitty. I named her Kathryn Janeway after the captain of the USS Voyager in Star Trek Voyager. I am telling you that cat does not act 3 months old. She runs the house and keeps the "crew" on their toes and she doesn't sleep as much as an average kitten. She would rather sit on your lap and think. Oh did I forget my fish! Her name is Jaina and she used to have a brother named Jacen but he died honorably.
Sorry I didn't say What I look like. I have big brown eyes. I am 5ft 8in and I had short semi-straight auburn hair but I let it grow out and just recently dyed it black. My boyfreind says I am all of the good things of a lot of science fiction female characters put together

Kathryn Janeway's leadership skills
Princess Leia's strength
Trinity's fashion sense and resourcefullness

Remember I didn't say this and I don't brag about myself like this. He does it for me LOL